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    My cat brought us a present today.  I have never seen a rabbit SO angry. 

    ****He was set free 10 minutes after being caught, photographed, and driven to a nearby field :)

    "Fuckin cat thinks I’m a fuckin chew toy. Fuckin humans puttin me in a fuckin box with a fuckin carrot like its gonna make this WHOLE SITUATION SO MUCH FUCKIN BETTER! DO I LOOK LIKE BUGS BUNNY TO YOU, FUCKER?!?"

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    What the fuck did you think would happen ?

    see how the hammer slowly turns toward the woman at the end? i think what happened is these two were arguing and the hammer got so mad it slammed itself against the wall and the woman is shocked because hammer has never gotten this angry before and hammer’s just like don’t fuck with me woman i will nail you

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    I didn’t grow up reading comic books. I didn’t have too much interest in them. It’s been kinda coincidental that I’ve made so many comic book films.


    What is the third gif from?  It seems to be a Chris Evans movie that I missed.  :x

    Thats from the Losers.

    I’m so happy they included Scott Pilgrim

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